Sour Apple: Bite into this! Imagine biting into a sweet granny smith apple, now add a twist of lime and you have a wonderful combination for a Sour Apple Martini.

Chocolate: A home run! This will set a new standard when it comes to a Chocolate Martini's, a delightful combination of chocolate and caramel that will satisfy your chocolate cravings for sure!

Wildberry: Yum! Delicious explosion of fruitful berry flavors. A party favorite for sure!

Lemon Drop: Wow! That's all you can say when you taste this. Pure satisfaction in this Lemon Drop Martini.

Pink-Parrot Martini Mixes

All Martini Mixes are made with the finest ingredients and to the highest standards. Restaurant Quality!


For a sweeter Martini, add 3 oz of Pink-Parrot Martini Mix and 2 oz of your favorite Vodka!

If you require less sweetness, feel free to add more vodka or water and Enjoy!


  1. Add 2 oz of Pink-Parrot Martini Mix to an iced filled Cocktail Shaker.
  2. Add 2 oz of your favorite Vodka.
  3. Shake enthusiastically, strain into a chilled glass and garnish (if desired).

Pomegranate: Unbelievably Good!  This will make you a believer in this ancient fruit that has seen great popularity in recent years.

Cosmopolitan: Classic! A combination of cranberry and lime juices that will blow your mind! Give it a try.